Coaching for Lateral Entry Test (LET)

Batch: Regular/Weekend

Lateral Entry Test is intended to admit meritorious Diploma holders to the Second Year/Third Semester of the B.Tech courses to acquire a Degree in Engineering.Lateral Entry Test is approved by Govt. of Kerala as per of the sanctioned seats in addition to total seats. Candidates who have passed diploma in engineering awarded by the state board of technical education or equivalent after undergoing regular course of three years study in an approved institution are eligible for admission

Pioneer is a institution complete in all aspects which provides quality guidance for LATERAL ENTRY TEST (LET), DRDO, DMRC, AIR, BEL, BHEL, ALL OTHER DIPLOMA (ENGG) LEVEL ENTRANCE & OTHER GENERAL ENTRANCE TESTS . Pioneer has produced top rankers in LET since its establishment in 2004. In LET examination more than 80% of total selections have been secured by Pioneer students. Almost all students of Pioneer have been able to get Admission in B.TECH 2nd year. Pioneer team comprises of highly knowledgeable and experienced technical and non-technical experts. Pioneer has unique method of teaching in which easy techniques, timely completion of syllabus and stressing on vital areas is accompanied with well planned test series and regular assessment of performance. It builds up the student's knowledge, confidence, mental & emotional stability. Once a student has enrolled for our courses he needs no external help. Pioneer provides an useful study material containing extensive practice sessions. From Time to time, We organizes motivational and personality building sessions to improve interview presentation and writing skills. Pioneer rewards its meritorious students with prizes and scholarships to create the competitive environment within the institute campus. Pioneer also helps in career counseling to opt for a suitable career path and provides necessary useful information for various competitive examination in various universities for various streams.

Value System

We believe in truth, transparency and commitment. Whatever we think, we say and whatever we say we do. We present to you what we actually are. We never compromise on Quality.


Our Academic experts say that hard work and knowledge are essential but "STRATEGY" plays "BIG" role in cracking the examination, because competition depends only on problem cracking ability. Methodology makes student capable of creatively resolving complex and tricky problems by improving and sharpening their skills and parallel thinking process. We develop and share the right strategies from time to time to optimize students output.

Classroom Training Program

There has been a steady yet significant rise in the performance of every student at Pioneer, no matter what his/her past academic record is. Proper attention to your needs, not just as student but as a person, this defines your achievement here. Our Class Room Training Program will develop conceptual harmony, factual perfection and tactical presence of mind to make you perfect competitive person.

Why Pioneer is No. 1?

The features that make Pioneer. unique are:


Pioneer is proud to be associated with the most effective, efficient result performing and never ending source of faculty panel. Even, changing and emerging pattern can not affect their performance. We are the only institute that follows a very strong systematic, objective selection and training process, before a teacher becomes Pioneer faculty. Most of our faculty is from reputed universities.


Although books have their own place in the learning of any subject but books or the study material can not substitute for classroom training. There has been a steady yet significant rise in the performance of every student at Pioneer, no matter what his/her past academic record is. Proper attention to your needs, not just as a student but as a person, this defines your achievements here. Our CRTP will develop conceptual harmony, factual perfection and tactical presence of mind to make you perfect competitive person. We think theory without practice is sterile and practice without theory is futile.

Following are the some of the distinctive features of Pioneer :

  • Lectures on basic concepts.
  • Discussion on problem solving techniques.
  • Solving of typical problem.
  • Discussion on advanced topics and problems.
  • Discussion on tips and short-cuts and
  • Removal of doubts and difficulties.
  • Individual attention to the students

There has been a steady yet significant rise in the performance of every student at Pioneer no matter what his/her past record is. We have never compromised on individual care and attention. The personal interaction between the teacher and the students generates a healthy environment that encourages the students to come up with their doubts and difficulties. Each and every problem faced by students is systematically explained to their utmost satisfaction.

Our strategic study material

The language of the study material is simple and easy to grasp and at the same time it efficiently conveys all the vital aspects of the subjects. Based on the changing trends of the examinations the study material is being regularly updated. The strategic study material is modular in design and divided in five sections:

1. Concept coverage: Focused and in-depth theory to ensure a strong foundation.

2. Solved examples: A simple, lucid and systematic approach to problems, focusing not only on the "HOW" but also on the "WHY"of the solutions.

3. Exercises and problems: A specially designed and graded exercise portion covering the vital aspects of the topics for comprehensive practice.

4. Extensive coverage of objective type problems: Thousands of multiple choice questions are given to students in the form of objective assignments and practice tests.

5. Extensive coverage of conceptual type problems: Material builds on a concrete foundation for each topic, depth of coverage and conceptual clarity give you step by step method of reaching the conclusion.

This provides you the ability to recall and inter-linking of concept and critical thinking too


The entire course for each branch is divided in 28 modules. On the completion of every topic, tests are conducted. Each student is apprised of his mistakes in the subsequent classroom discussion. In-depth, personalized feed-back, based on extensive testing, thereby reinforcing strength and identifies conceptual weakness of the students.

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